Recap of this year’s WPE15

Oct 26 2015 | Events

Did you attend this year's WPE15? If you didn’t, here is a sum up of how we experienced the world’s largest trade fair for newsaper and digital publishing solutions. More than 7,000 visitors and 200 exhibitors from countries all over the world participated in the event – making it a big success. The World Publishing Expo runs every year in a different city, this year in the vibrant Hamburg, which was a perfect setting for hosting customer meetings and meet up with industry peers. Here's how it went. 

Visiolink Publishing Hub - built with Polymer

Oct 21 2015 | Product News

Managing publications on a daily basis is an important yet often time-consuming part of digital publishing. Publication management needs to be easy to navigate and as time effective as possible, enabling media houses to spend time growing their business instead of performing administrative tasks.

New edge to e-paper with Android Material Design app

Sep 21 2015 | Product News

Android Product News, part 1

With its new design guidelines, termed Material Design, Google has significantly raised the bar for the Android platform and at the same time upped their game in the constant battle with Apple for user loyalty.

Let reader behavior develop your E-paper

Sep 07 2015 | Insights

In cooperation with media companies all around Europe, Visiolink and Visiolab every half year conducts a survey among thousands of readers who access newspapers on their smartphones and tablets.

The purpose of these extensive user surveys is to track important behavior and preference tendencies among E-paper readers. In the latest survey, data was collected via interstitials within 9 different newspapers in a total of five European countries. Key reader behavior trends from the latest report include:


Which orientation do Epaper readers prefer - landscape or portrait?

Sep 02 2015 | Insights


Originally posted by Kristoffer Andreasen, Visiolab.

Since tablets started hitting the market, people have discussed the optimal orientation for reading Epapers on tablets. Even now, years after the introduction of Android tablets and iPads, people still discuss their preferred reading habits. Many studies have been conducted, but with no clear conclusion. 

The growing importance of a digital release

Aug 11 2015 | Insights


Newspapers are facing a bigger challenge than ever before. Circulation numbers all over the world are decreasing as the digital world continues to gain importance in the media industry. A growing number of actions has been taken in order to prevent the decrease in circulation numbers. 

Will we see you in October at the World Publishing Expo 2015?

Aug 07 2015

Thousands of media professionals will gather on 5-7 October in Hamburg for the world's leading publishing exhibition. 

The 6 most popular blog posts of 2015 until now

Aug 05 2015 | Insights

It is summertime. However, to be honest with you, the weather here in the northern parts of Europe is still a little shaky with showers and winds from time to time.

Use of customized google analytics events in the media industry

Jul 31 2015 | Insights

Originally posted by visiolab.

Google Analytics is a highly versatile analytic service that can give important insights. At visiolab, our most important resource is knowledge, most of which comes from years of experience within the media industry. To ensure we continue to accumulate knowledge about the uses of e-papers, we use Google Analytics in the media industry and Applications designed for digital newspapers and magazines. On a daily basis, we receive live data feeds from more than 300 e-paper applications, all of which give us the insights we need to provide the best assistance to our clients.

Use of customized google analytics events in the media industry

4 obstacles media houses face today - Q&A with Mario Garcia

Jul 29 2015 | Events | Insights

Lessons from Visiolink Insights Day 2015.

At the Visiolink Insights Day 2015, Dr Mario Garcia, an acclaimed media guru who works on more than 700 media projects a year, gave his insights into what the future of digital publishing holds. Among other things he talked about the development the publishing industry has undergone through his many years of working with both printed newspapers and e-papers and digital publishing solutions in general.

Interstitials – a new player in digital advertising

Jul 23 2015 | Insights

Originally posted by visiolab.

The introduction of digital advertising has completely changed the media market. Endless publications and firms are driven by income from ads and it’s most definitely here to stay. The traditional standard banner ads are notorious for a low performance and have spun some doubt concerning whether this way of advertising creates any significant results. Apart from experiencing a low conversion rate, many argue the actual clicks tend to be accidental. Historical data puts traditional banner ads conversion rate at a critical low of around 0.1%. This translates into a single click per 1000 visitors.

Level of engagement time on tablets with e-papers across countries

Jul 16 2015 | Insights

This post was originally posted by visiolab.

Every country is known for their specific culture and habits. These cultural differences are visible in virtually all aspects of a person and has a large influence on the success of a product or not. Certain products can prove successful in one country and fail miserably in another country, despite they may be in close proximity. The level of engagement time on tablets readers have with e-papers are affected by those very same cultural norms. 

level of engagament time on tablets with e-papers across countries