From intern to full-time employee

By Sini Korpela Ammentorp | Sep 19 2019 | Business | Blogs | We Are Visiolink

Attracting young talent is crucial to keep up to date with latest trends and working methods. That’s why Visiolink is always represented at relevant student events with the purpose of getting to know these talents. 

Back in January 2018, Kasper Heyst, a now former student from Aarhus University, learned that he possessed competencies relevant to Visiolink’s Business Consulting team while Visiolink would provide hands-on experience to his theoretical knowledge. Kasper sent an application for an internship, and so the journey began.


Kasper’s Journey at Visiolink

Before his internship, Kasper started as a student assistant where he worked on an ad hoc basis mainly dealing with data extraction and status reports. This way, both he and Visiolink would get to know each other in order to tailor the best possible internship and value creation for both parts. At the beginning of his internship, he got the responsibility to set up a screen wall from scratch displaying big data:

This way I learned to programme while exploring Visiolink’s software and data processing - and I was continuously assigned with new responsibilities. Then, I was able to help Visiolink clients as well with questions about how to extract data and how to put these into use. It was exciting and highly motivating to get new responsibilities and being able to, not only assist internally, but also give external stakeholders the help they needed,” Kasper tells.

At the end of the internship, Kasper became an indispensable part of the Business Intelligence team, so, he was offered a full-time position.

A fortified Business Consulting unit

Business Consulting offers a range of products and services such as User Tracking, Segmented Push and Engagement Studio. The common denominator for them is that they create great value for the ePaper business through extracting, analyzing, and using the tremendous quantity of data available. Furthermore, Business Consulting is constantly researching and working on improving existing products and services while developing new initiatives. To this Kasper elaborates:

I am looking very much forward to display all the great ideas I’ve noted during my internship as I now have time to go into depth with them as well as realizing them! We’ve even expanded our Business Consulting team with a new intern, which is conducive for our performance and innovative work methods. Not long ago, I was in the same chair as the new intern and I’m excited to sit on the other side of the table this time and do everything I can to give him a good experience”.

If you are interested in hearing more about how Kasper and the rest of the Business Consulting team can help improve your ePaper, please don’t hesitate to send him an email at

Sini Korpela Ammentorp


Sini Korpela Ammentorp