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By Sini Korpela Ammentorp | Sep 19 2019 | Events | Insights | Blogs

Inspirational Tour 2019 has come to an end, and it's time to sum up the what went down. In total, the two stages gathered 50 participants representing more than 30 media houses from six different countries. And they've been asked to give their opinion about the event.

The topic of this year's tour "Subscribe to the brand - building a paid relation" dealt with various business cases on how to attract readers and making them loyal. One such example was the case of Norwegian newspaper Dag og Tid, who've implemented audio in their content mix.

At the first stage in Stockholm, the participants also heard the story of Bonnier Publications and how they are currently in the process of lifting their magazine app, Wype, to the next level. In the video below, you can hear Lars Gudbrandsson, Vice President & CMO, talk about their future plans for the Wype app.

You can learn more about the takeaways from the first stage of the Inspirational Tour 2019 in Stockholm here.

Jan Halpape, CEO at Schwäbisch Media Digital, took the stage in Frankfurt and shared the inspiring story about how they have managed to build such a strong, profitable media brand at Schwäbisch Media. During the day, we had the chance to sit down with him for a chat about his participation at this year's tour:

As something new, this year's program also included a panel discussion where the keynote speakers would debate various subjects and take up questions from the crowd. This proved to be a popular initiative, and therefore something we would definitely do again. In the infographic below, you can see the cold hard facts about the participants' verdict of Inspirational Tour 2019:

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Sini Korpela Ammentorp


Sini Korpela Ammentorp