Interstitials – a new player in digital advertising

Jul 23 2015 | Insights

Originally posted by visiolab.

The introduction of digital advertising has completely changed the media market. Endless publications and firms are driven by income from ads and it’s most definitely here to stay. The traditional standard banner ads are notorious for a low performance and have spun some doubt concerning whether this way of advertising creates any significant results. Apart from experiencing a low conversion rate, many argue the actual clicks tend to be accidental. Historical data puts traditional banner ads conversion rate at a critical low of around 0.1%. This translates into a single click per 1000 visitors.

Level of engagement time on tablets with e-papers across countries

Jul 16 2015 | Insights

This post was originally posted by visiolab.

Every country is known for their specific culture and habits. These cultural differences are visible in virtually all aspects of a person and has a large influence on the success of a product or not. Certain products can prove successful in one country and fail miserably in another country, despite they may be in close proximity. The level of engagement time on tablets readers have with e-papers are affected by those very same cultural norms. 

level of engagament time on tablets with e-papers across countries

How to use storytelling in digital publishing

Jul 13 2015 | Events | Insights

Lessons from Visiolink Insights Day 2015

According to Mario Garcia, it’s a question of how to use non-stories as storytelling. Especially when talking about digital publishing, media houses have a unique opportunity to adapt content to readers’ use of new media. The media quintet has made its entry into the world of publishing. The news and stories told needs to be adapted accordingly. One strategy is to adapt to readers’ habits by creating content with the two publishing tempos in mind.

New 2015 user survey tracks the behavior tendencies of epaper readers

Jul 09 2015 | Insights

In cooperation with media companies all around Europe, Visiolink and Visiolab have conducted a new survey among more than 8,000 readers who access newspapers on their smartphones and tablets.

HTML5-based browser solution for Desktop

Jul 06 2015 | Product News | Insights

Unique reading experience for digital publishing on Desktop

Your readers deserve the best possible reading experience no matter where or how they choose to read newspaper content. And the newspaper content deserves as much focus as it can possibly get without having to compete with other elements on the screen.

Are newspaper reading habits changing?

Jun 30 2015 | Insights


The answer to the question: "Are newspaper reading habits changing?", is yes. The nature of the modern publication has changed dramatically over a span of very few years. This change has not only been limited to the publication. 

Are printed newspapers the publishing industry’s dinosaur?

Jun 16 2015 | Events | Insights

The obvious answer to this question is no. Of course not. In the United States alone, over 56 million newspapers are sold daily and over 60 million are sold every Sunday (Newspaper Association of America). However, since you opened this blog post, you’re probably interested in knowing more about the current state of the publishing industry. 

At Visiolink Insights Day 2015, Dr Mario Garcia, an acclaimed media guru who works on more than 700 media projects a year, gave his insights to what the future of digital publishing holds. He specifically spoke about the industry in two terms. Then and now. In Garcia’s opinion, the publishing industry needs to be more agile to readers’ needs and start looking forward. First, let’s have look at the industry “then”.

Meet us at Zeitung Digital 2015 - Arrange your meeting here!

Jun 12 2015 | Events

On 18 and 19 June 2015 in Potsdam, Germany, the Zeitung Digital conference will take place. Visiolink are again proud to sponsor this highly successful event. 

Visual impressions from Visiolink Insights Day 2015

Jun 10 2015 | Insights


60 participants, 27 media houses and 10 countries represented. We will in the coming weeks tell you much more about the content of this event. But let us start with a visual of the day.

A new generation of news consumers

May 28 2015 | Insights

At Visiolink, we fully understand that digital e-papers are not the primary source of income for many news publishers. At the moment, an e-paper is doing remarkably well if it has even 10% of the printed newspaper’s circulation. However our data shows that certain e-papers in Europe are dangling at around 3% of the circulation of their respective printed newspaper.

This might not seem as much, but in terms of revenue it makes a substantial difference, and it tells us that some news publishers are not taking full advantage of their digital potential. With a higher e-paper penetration comes more digital readers, and with more readers comes the possibility for higher and new ad revenues – revenues that can be used to invest further in digital solutions, and thereby assist in securing the future of the newspaper or magazine.


Leading European media houses to gather in Copenhagen

May 22 2015 | Events

On June 8. 2015, thought leaders from the media industry will gather at Hilton Airport Hotel in Copenhagen for Visiolink Insights Day 2015.

Securing the optimal ROI on e-paper investments: act on data

May 19 2015 | Product News | Insights

Digital transformation of print readers requires knowledge-based decisions.

Viby J, Denmark: Based on a growing demand from media companies currently ‘navigating without a compass’, a new group of industry experts has formed the Business Intelligence and Consulting company, visiolab. By focusing on data analysis and digital strategy, visiolab specializes in Knowledge Based Decision Making and the optimization of Audience Growth and New Ad Revenues in e-papers.