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Welcome Per Gylling – the new Visiolink Product Manager

Jan 11 2022 | Insights | Media | We Are Visiolink

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As we began the new calendar year, Visiolink welcomed on board a new member to the team: Per Gylling started 1st January 2022 as Product Manager, heading up the Product Management Team in Visiolink.

Visiolink is changing email domain

Nov 15 2021 | Business | Blogs | We Are Visiolink | Vitec

During the coming months you will experience that the email addresses from your Visiolink contacts will change from to

This means that in future you will receive emails from instead of from

Jens Funder Berg steps down as CEO for Visiolink during Q1 2022

Oct 26 2021 | Business | Blogs | We Are Visiolink

After more than 14 years with Visiolink, Jens Funder Berg has decided to pass on the baton as CEO of Visiolink.

Mapping the journey of two Visiolinkers - From interns to full-time employees

Sep 23 2021 | Business | Blogs | We Are Visiolink

So far, more than 10 new colleagues have joined our team of Visiolinkers during 2021 - and we absolutely love seeing the team grow. However, some colleagues are only new by title, as our two former student assistants, Morten Læburgh Larsen and Michelle Søndergaard Brøndgaard Nielsen recently joined Visiolink full-time as UX Designer and Business Intelligence Specialist respectively.

Read on to learn how they have experienced their journey in Visiolink so far – going from interns, to student assistants, and on to full-time Visiolinkers.

Visiolink will join leading Nordic software group Vitec

Jan 30 2020 | Business | Blogs | We Are Visiolink | Vitec integration

Jens Funder Berg, CEO, founder, and majority shareholder of Visiolink, has sold all his shares – along with the five minority shareholders in Visiolink’s management team – to Vitec Software Group AB. The new owners specialize in Vertical Market Software, and they want to help Visiolink become an even better and mutually beneficial business partner to the European media houses.


Former employee returns to Visiolink

Oct 31 2019 | Business | Blogs | We Are Visiolink

Attracting and retaining qualified labor is important for every business. Once the right candidates have been found, we begin to set up initiatives to retain them. But letting valuable employees go isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as they leave satisfied. 


From intern to full-time employee

Sep 19 2019 | Business | Blogs | We Are Visiolink

Attracting young talent is crucial to keep up to date with latest trends and working methods. That’s why Visiolink is always represented at relevant student events with the purpose of getting to know these talents.