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Jens Funder Berg steps down as CEO for Visiolink during Q1 2022

Oct 26 2021 | Business | Blogs | We Are Visiolink

After more than 14 years with Visiolink, founder Jens Funder Berg has decided to pass on the baton as CEO of Visiolink.

Audio content sparks reader engagement

Oct 15 2021 | Insights | Blogs | Audio

Would you rather listen to the article? Press play and have the article read aloud by the Text-to-Speech Google Cloud speech synthesis. 

Reader revenue and how to grow and retain your digital subscription base is key in the modern publishing industry. This marks a shift from the traditional advertising business model where KPI’s focus on traffic numbers and pageviews, to one in which engagement is at the very core. Growing your subscription base is one thing but retainment is key to building a sustainable subscription business. How do you retain your readers? You keep them engaged. What engages readers? Audio.

Mapping the journey of two Visiolinkers - From interns to full-time employees

Sep 23 2021 | Business | Blogs | We Are Visiolink

So far, more than 10 new colleagues have joined our team of Visiolinkers during 2021 - and we absolutely love seeing the team grow. However, some colleagues are only new by title, as our two former student assistants, Morten Læburgh Larsen and Michelle Søndergaard Brøndgaard Nielsen recently joined Visiolink full-time as UX Designer and Business Intelligence Specialist respectively.

Read on to learn how they have experienced their journey in Visiolink so far – going from interns, to student assistants, and on to full-time Visiolinkers.

App Store update offers news apps a way around Apple’s 30% commission fee

Sep 10 2021 | Insights | Technology | Blogs

Last week, on 1 September to be exact, Apple announced great news for news app developers. Start 2022, Apple is going to allow news apps to direct their readers to external websites for subscription management via an in-app link.

Align your epaper across platforms

News Modules: Increase user engagement and enjoy the benefits of two aligned platforms

Jul 21 2021 | Product News | Business | Blogs

At Visiolink, our mission is to make it possible for our customers to deliver world class epaper solutions and concepts optimised for modern media usage and engagement. Constantly striving towards improving and developing smarter products and features, with the core purpose of enhancing user experience amongst epaper users across segments as our primary focus.

Der Teckbote gains digital subscribers

Local newspaper gains digital subscribers during the global COVID-19 pandemic - a case story with Der Teckbote

Jul 08 2021 | Insights | Cases | Media

It should come as no surprise that the local newspaper industry has long been under pressure, and according to Reuters’ recent Digital News Report 2021, the global COVID-19 crisis has done nothing to relinquish the situation.

However, at Der Teckbote, a local newspaper situated in Kirchheim unter Teck near Stuttgart, Germany, they have risen to the occasion: Despite the odds, this local star has managed to increase its epaper reader engagement and gain digital subscribers. How?

How to work with epaper user tracking and analysis

How to work with epaper user tracking and analysis - a case story with Dagbladet Børsen

Jun 09 2021 | Insights | Cases | Media

Is your to-do-list cramped with buzzwords and ideas on how to accelerate your digital transformation? Well, according to WAN IFRA’s latest World Press Trends Outlook report, you are not alone – it is on top of news publishers’ 2021 priority lists.

Text-to-Speech: The audio opportunity that shouldn’t be ignored

Feb 11 2021 | Insights | Cases | Media | Audio

Would you rather listen to the article? Press play and have the article read aloud by the Text-to-Speech Google Cloud speech synthesis. 

Audio and spoken content are making quite the noise amongst publishers and newspapers these years. And no wonder: Reading takes time and focus – which is in short supply with modern ways of living. At the same time, always being accessible is key no-matter the context in which the user finds him or herself in.

Does your e-paper app comply with GDPR?

Nov 16 2020 | Blogs | GDPR

Collecting usage data from your e-paper is an important tool that can give you a great deal of insight into your users’ online behaviour. But it requires that you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation; commonly known as GDPR – and in GDPR terms, this means that you must receive your users’ active consent.

E-paper: Staggering consumption increase

Oct 29 2020 | Blogs | Statistics

Maybe you have heard about the forecast saying that the newspaper is dying – but that is not the case when it comes to the e-paper! When we look at the development of the e-paper consumption and the amount of people opening the app, we see a staggering increase!

The ePapers form a key part of Belfast Telegraph's value proposition

Jun 18 2020 | Insights | Cases | Media

We’ve previously written about Independent News & Media and their revamped digital strategy. Among the Irish-based media group’s titles, you’ll find Belfast Telegraph, and we’ve had a quick chat with their Head of Digital, Morgane Campioni, about their new ePaper solution and their partnership with Visiolink.

Independent News & Media has embarked on a digital journey

Jun 04 2020 | Business | Cases | Media

Despite only being 500 miles in a beeline away from Scandinavia, the ePaper hasn’t really enjoyed a similar level of demand, and thus success, in the British Isles. But this is a fact that Independent News & Media (INM) hope to change through a brand-new digital strategy with new subscription models and value-based promotion of their ePaper solutions and news sites.