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By Sini Korpela Ammentorp | Oct 31 2019 | Business | Blogs | We Are Visiolink

Attracting and retaining qualified labor is important for every business. Once the right candidates have been found, we begin to set up initiatives to retain them. But letting valuable employees go isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as they leave satisfied. 

Primarily because they will act as ambassadors for your company and secondarily because they might want to return some day. Visiolink experienced the latter with Christian Petersen, who returned to Visiolink with expanded competencies and knowledge from being out in the field a couple of years.

Attracting talents possessing the newest knowledge within a respective field of work is something Visiolink takes pride in doing. This point is both reflected in this blog post as well as Christians words about his initial time at Visiolink:

I started at Visiolink more than seven years ago as a student worker during my studies within software development. Subsequently I was doing my internship here and not long after I was offered a full-time position in the Technology department where I was developing apps. It was nice to be recognized for my hard work and ambitions contemporary with getting the chance of growing both personally and professionally”.

A goodbye turns into a great reunion

A few years went by, and Christian announced his move to Copenhagen. As aggravating it was to say goodbye at the time, as rewarding it turned out to be when he returned in 2019. During his time in Copenhagen he learned a lot and to which he elaborates:

I got a job in an app bureau where I learned how to build several, and different, apps simultaneously from scratch. I learned what it takes to build apps, so they are easy to maintain and update when necessary. In short, I got so much valuable experience I wouldn’t have been without ” he says and continues:

Though I had a steep learning curve and enjoyed my time in Copenhagen, I missed the social unity and casual culture I experienced at Visiolink. Now, I am back where I started my career - only this time with invaluable experience from outside, which I can make use of in my new position as Senior Android Developer”.


If you want responsibility, you'll get it!

If a company succeed in creating a great working environment and motivating the individual employee with short-sighted career goals, the more likely it is for a former and valuable employee to return with an even greater skill set. For Christian, one of the most important aspects of returning to Visiolink was the possibilities of growing professionally and get the desired amount of responsibility: “If you want responsibility here at Visiolink, you will get it!”.  

To become a part of the Visiolink family, please take a look at our current open positions here or feel free to send an unsolicited application. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Sini Korpela Ammentorp


Sini Korpela Ammentorp