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Introducing: In-app User ID tracking

Apr 27 2017 | Product News | Business | Insights

We recently added a much-wanted feature to our Google Analytics data tracking platform. User ID Tracking opens a new range of commercial data-based scenarios. Now it's possible to connect a specific user with their behavior in-app. Combine User ID with page swipes, articles read, and publications opened to get comprehensive knowledge of each single reader.


The smartphone challenge: New format makes ePaper attractive on phones

Jan 11 2017 | Product News | Technology

Last fall, we announced the prototype of a new phone optimized ePaper solution, called Mobile Edition. The basic concept is to extract articles from the newspaper and present them easily accessible on the front screen of the app. In a few seconds the readers should be able to get a comprehensive overview of today’s paper, and identify interesting stories.

Mobile Edition

Prep your readers for mobile edition

Sep 23 2016 | Product News | Technology

Recently smartphone usage has risen to 20% among European ePaper readers. More and more people recognize the value in having the newspaper at their fingertips. Larger screens and more power have turned the phone into the preferred device for a vast amount of users. And the trend is powering on.

What to expect from iOS 10?

Sep 08 2016 | Product News | Technology

The last few months a public beta version of iOS 10 has been available to developers. Last night Apple presented the long awaited iPhone 7 along with the latest version of the iOS operating system. Here’s a recap of what the update offers.

What to expect from Android Nougat

Aug 25 2016 | Product News | Technology

Last week, Canadian telecom Telus revealed that the release of the next version of Google's Android, version 7.0 also known as Nougat, was imminent. And sure enough, it was released Monday. Android 7.0 Nougat replaces the October 2015 version of Android, 6.0 also known as Marshmallow. The update includes a number of improvements and new features.


Google ready to kill Flash. HTML5 Desktop Viewer is born.

Jul 29 2016 | Product News

In recent years Flash has been heavily criticized as an insecure technology. Flash-based sites have been hit by numerous attacks, and vulnerabilities have not always been fixed at the same pace they showed up.

Visiolink Publishing Hub - built with Polymer

Oct 21 2015 | Product News

Managing publications on a daily basis is an important yet often time-consuming part of digital publishing. Publication management needs to be easy to navigate and as time effective as possible, enabling media houses to spend time growing their business instead of performing administrative tasks.

New edge to e-paper with Android Material Design app

Sep 21 2015 | Product News

Android Product News, part 1

With its new design guidelines, termed Material Design, Google has significantly raised the bar for the Android platform and at the same time upped their game in the constant battle with Apple for user loyalty.

HTML5-based browser solution for Desktop

Jul 06 2015 | Product News | Insights

Unique reading experience for digital publishing on Desktop

Your readers deserve the best possible reading experience no matter where or how they choose to read newspaper content. And the newspaper content deserves as much focus as it can possibly get without having to compete with other elements on the screen.

Securing the optimal ROI on e-paper investments: act on data

May 19 2015 | Product News | Insights

Digital transformation of print readers requires knowledge-based decisions.

Viby J, Denmark: Based on a growing demand from media companies currently ‘navigating without a compass’, a new group of industry experts has formed the Business Intelligence and Consulting company, visiolab. By focusing on data analysis and digital strategy, visiolab specializes in Knowledge Based Decision Making and the optimization of Audience Growth and New Ad Revenues in e-papers.


Augmented book reading via digital newspaper archives

May 07 2015 | Product News | Insights

OK, I’ll admit it – I’m a gadget owner. In my arsenal of devices you’ll find:

  • a 2005 iPod – a trusted friend who carries all of my music and is soon to be on its 3rd battery;
  • an iPhone for – mostly – communication;
  • a Macbook Pro for work, e.g. writing blogs like this;
  • an iPad for reading newspapers (surprise!) and keeping my work day as digital as possible;
  • a Kindle Paperwhite for book reading; and
  • a Garmin GPS watch – supposedly for when I go running, but currently it’s just glaring impatiently at me, as I am having a break because of a few bent ribs (ouch!).

And all of these digital devices are a huge part of my daily life (okay, Garmin, not you just now, I get it!).

One digital supplement for 62 local newspapers

Apr 16 2015 | Product News | Insights

The e-paper is a great way to present newspapers on the different digital platforms, such as smartphones, tablets or PCs.

Moreover, the e-paper is also is a cost-effective and convenient platform that can extend the digital services of media houses. For example, a media house could utilise the platform to release tomorrow morning’s newspaper the night before or to send out evening editions, or alternatively, to readers with a later 2nd edition (e.g. during big sporting competitions).