Introducing: In-app User ID tracking

By Thomas Wittenburg | Apr 27 2017 | Product News | Business | Insights

We recently added a much-wanted feature to our Google Analytics data tracking platform. User ID Tracking opens a new range of commercial data-based scenarios. Now it's possible to connect a specific user with their behavior in-app. Combine User ID with page swipes, articles read, and publications opened to get comprehensive knowledge of each single reader.

Understand your readers

User ID tracking can help you better follow and understand how users engage with your ePaper. New types of user segments and user exploration features will help you create new marketing campaigns, or monitor when activity is abnormally high or low.

Combining data from the complete Visiolink Data Metric set allows you to tailor specific news feeds and advertisements to each user. If you're using a Data Management Platform, the possibilities are even greater for creating a cross-platform experience based on user preferences, and apply data-driven decision-making.

Three tiers of implementation

Analytics are never a one-size-fits-all. Different organizations have various needs. The basics are covered through Device-based User Tracking. This simple implementation generates an individual ID for each client. It's mostly suited for free publications without subscription validation.

Authentication-based User Tracking integrates to your subscription system. The User ID is created by our serves, combined with your authentication method. This allows you to follow the user closely on different platforms.

Tier three is for media utilizing a DMP. DMP Integrated User Tracking allows your system to create or replace the generic User ID created by Tier 1 and 2 options. This implementation is for large organizations, wanting to link data from websites, premium content and the ePaper.

Start tracking today

It's quick and easy to get started. Contact us for an update to your ePaper app's analytics and metrics, and get tracking right away.

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