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Make your e-paper more interactive with 3 new features

Oct 15 2014 | Product News

We offer 3 new features that help the digital publication to become interactive. All of the three features keeps the reader in the newspaper universe, thus increasing loyalty towards the paper.

New advertising opportunities: Rich Media Interstitials

Oct 14 2014 | Product News

Now you can offer your advertisers a Rich Media ad product for your e-paper that will make readers stop in their tracks and interact with the message. Your e-paper becomes yet another digital advertising offer, putting you in an even better position to provide your advertisers with even better access to your readers.


Why We Love Windows 8 (And You Should, Too!)

Oct 13 2014 | Product News

Windows 8/8.1 has become the standard operating system that is installed on all new PCs sold on the private market. We have supported the platform for a long time and we are very happy with the latest developments and improvements on the platform. With a Windows 8 app from us, your readers will have a quick and easy access to the newspaper, regardless of whether they use a PC or tablet. The app is elegant, easy to use and focuses on what is most important: the newspaper’s content.

Windows Phone

Microsoft has positioned itself as a serious challenger to the established operating systems for the smartphone market with the launch of Windows 8/8.1. The system has a modern, innovative and carefully designed interface, which will attract an increasing number of consumers who want to be able to read a newspaper on their smartphone. 

Android app gets a much-needed facelift

Sep 22 2014 | Product News

We announced in August that we would no longer be supporting versions of Android older than 4.0.3. We are convinced that the advantages of upgrading will engender as much enthusiasm with you as it does with us.

Update on iOS 8 & the new iPhones

Sep 10 2014 | Product News

Since yesterday’s Apple keynote with the presentation of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, we have been reading, studying and experimenting with the Gold Master seed of the development tools and iOS 8.

FDM Motor - specialized digital-only edition

Sep 03 2014 | Product News

More and more newspapers are producing digital-only editions for special occasions, especially during holiday seasons when not many editions are printed. 

Information about Android Support

Aug 21 2014 | Product News

For a long time Android has been an important platform for a rising number of readers. At the same time, it is imperative to us that our Android-based products are stable and that we secure the future possibilities in our Android solutions.

5 Things About The World Publishing Expo You Want To Know

Aug 12 2014 | Product News

We are at the moment busy planning for the World Publishing Expo 2014 in Amsterdam.

Here are 5 things about our participation in the Expo:

  1. Be ready to see the newest releases of both our template-based DYNAMIC and the replica-based AUTHENTIC viewing platforms for desktop, smartphone and tablet. This is truly automatic and feature-rich newspaper digital publishing used by more than 750 newspaper titles today. Combine them in one app and make your reach as large as possible.
  2. View the newest live tools in business intelligence. Learn from your readers' behaviour hour by hour and compare with the current industry index. Are you doing better or worse than your peers?

First launch of the DYNAMIC viewing platform

Jul 21 2014 | Product News

We have now witnessed the first launches of the DYNAMIC viewing platform that integrates a template based view of the content of your newspaper or magazine.

Digital Publishing Blog Premiere from Product Management

May 23 2014 | Product News

In today’s fast and ever changing world of digital publishing solutions, it is increasingly important to keep up to date with all the new developments from your software provider. This has now become significantly easier.

From paper layout to DYNAMIC format - all done automatically

Apr 24 2014 | Product News

Following a development partnership with Aarhus University and a number of European media houses, Visiolink is ready to launch a solution that automatically gives printed newspaper content a re-layout for the tablet.