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By Anne Tværsig Olesen | Mar 27 2018 | Events | Blogs

Where do you go to find inspiration to optimize your digital strategy, improve your digital products, your marketing strategy, your churn rate, your onboarding strategy? This is where we tap into new trends and the events we've got planned for this fall to inspire your digital work.

Where you'll meet us

This spring we're exploring digital media trends and learning from publishers in Scandinavia and Germany at:

In addition to these events, we've also planned two new stages of Visiolink Inspirational Tour 2018.

Join Inspirational Tour 2018 this September:
Save the date for Copenhagen and Hamburg

At the latest Inspirational Tour event in Oslo on March 20, more than 40 participants took home inspiration to help improve ad revenues, use data to generate business, build future proof ePaper platforms and much more.



Now we can't wait to host the next two stages of the Inspirational Tour, which will be in Copenhagen on September 11 and in Hamburg on September 18. We're currently working on the programs and look forward to revealing all the details about speakers and topics.

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Anne Tværsig Olesen


Anne Tværsig Olesen