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By Mathias Winther Kolind | Mar 16 2015 | Insights

In recent years, interactive, engaging, funny and effective ads have increasingly become the focal point of the dialogue we have with our clients. We've assisted in studies designed to demonstrate the effect of interactive ads, and we've participated in various digital advertising events. All signs indicate that interactive ads on smartphones and tablets are the media company's path to increased revenue flows and the advertisers' means of capturing consumers' attention.

Set locations

At Visiolink, we are not experts in advertising production, but we do know a great deal about integrating with the most widely used banner systems on the market, as well as about the needs media companies express concerning advertising in their apps. One of the most common requests we hear from our clients is the option of booking interactive ads in set locations in e-papers via their normal banner system, which is why we have now enabled this option. In Adtech or Cxense, you can now establish up to five set locations in which you would like to be able to book ads. The ads function as full-screen interstitials that are displayed between the pages of the newspaper. Furthermore, you can select an additional, frequency-controlled location that displays booked ads after a set number of swipes. 

Ad-builder with six formats

When collaborating with our clients on interactive ads, we have repeatedly found that producing ads that can be scaled to a variety of screen sizes remains a challenging task. We have therefore partnered with an advertising agency that has a wealth of experience with HTML5 banner production. Together we have developed an ad-builder that makes it easy to produce interactive ads in the right formats for mobile phones and tablets. All you have to do is upload your creative material in the form of photo files in two different sizes for horizontal and vertical display ‒ our ad-builder will handle the rest, and you get a creative tag that can be used directly in the banner system.  

We've introduced six formats in the ad-builder: Static, Slider, Swipe, 3D Cube, Scratch and Video. 


A traditional interstitial with one image and one message. A simple, but effective format for smaller advertisers. 



By using an interactive slider, the reader can switch between two images. Ideal for before-and-after messages, for example.


The reader swipes his way through a photo gallery containing up to six images. This format is ideal for telling a coherent story or for presenting weekly offers for a supermarket.

3D Cube

The reader interacts with a three-dimensional cube with up to four sides. A highly effective and engaging toy with space for plenty of content.


A message comes into view when the user swipes away an upper image. Again, a fun and entertaining way to activate the reader and increase the chances of the message being remembered.


The ad-builder converts your video into a smartphone and tablet-friendly format and serves up the message to the reader with lively images. An obvious means of repeating existing TV campaigns for the somewhat larger advertiser.

It is possible to insert a landing page in all the ads so that the reader can be directed to the advertiser's website. The formats are individually priced and cost between 200 and 400 EUR per ad.

We believe this comprehensive concept can boost e-paper ad sales without costly sizeable technological and organisational investments, and we look forward to continuing the ongoing dialogue about this important topic with our clients.


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Mathias Winther Kolind


Mathias Winther Kolind

Product Manager