Mapping the journey of two Visiolinkers - From interns to full-time employees

By Josephine Wyrtz Andersen | Sep 23 2021 | Business | Blogs | We Are Visiolink

So far, more than 10 new colleagues have joined our team of Visiolinkers during 2021 - and we absolutely love seeing the team grow. However, some colleagues are only new by title, as our two former student assistants, Morten Læburgh Larsen and Michelle Søndergaard Brøndgaard Nielsen recently joined Visiolink full-time as UX Designer and Business Intelligence Specialist respectively.

Read on to learn how they have experienced their journey in Visiolink so far – going from interns, to student assistants, and on to full-time Visiolinkers.

Full of great ideas and drive

Michelle and Morten more or less embarked on their Visiolink journey simultaneously. During fall 2020, they both took an internship at Visiolink as part of their Master’s studies. Michelle joined our Business Intelligence team and Morten our Product Management team. During their internships, they really got the Visiolink portfolio under their skin, actively contributed with new ideas and challenged our status quo.

“One of the great things about my internship was that I got plenty of opportunity to define my role and which BI areas I wanted to dive deeper into. Things weren’t set in stone, my inputs were valued, and I got the chance to take the lead on relevant tasks at hand,” Michelle explains.

During her internship, Michelle not only started the development of a churn prediction model, she also got her own customer projects and helped optimising some of our internal BI processes.

Similarly, Morten’s primary focus during his internship was to develop a mock-up tool for customer solutions to support the Sales department. However, Morten did not stop there, and so he ended up creating a tool of great value to the Sales department and to many other divisions of Visiolink as well.

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Full-time employment and the road ahead

At the end of their internships, Morten and Michelle continued working at Visiolink as student assistants. This summer, they both graduated from their Master’s studies and were offered full-time positions at Visiolink.

“Being an intern and a student assistant at Visiolink was a great way for me to gain practical experience and put my theoretical knowledge to the test. Having joined the Visiolink team full-time, I look very much forward to having more time to carry out some of the other ideas I have for our UX design and accompanying internal processes,” Morten elaborates.

Like Morten, Michelle looks forward to having more time getting started on some of the ideas for further BI developments she has collected during her time at Visiolink.

As it turns out, starting one’s journey as an intern or a student assistant at Visiolink is not uncommon. In fact, our current Business Intelligence Lead, Kasper Heyst also started out as an intern, and clearly recalls the excitement about going full-time. Having gone through the process himself, he also knows the value of the ideas and new knowledge students bring to the table firsthand.  

If you are interested in taking an internship or getting a student job, feel free to reach out or keep an eye on our career page, where internships and student jobs will be posted alongside other open positions.

If you want to get to know our Business Intelligence Lead, Kasper better, you can learn much more about his journey in Visiolink right here.


Josephine Wyrtz Andersen


Josephine Wyrtz Andersen