Digital journalism goes premium

Posted by Thomas Wittenburg on 08/12/16 15:54

For years it seemed almost impossible for newspapers to make a living on their actual product, news and journalism, on their digital platforms. Readers simply wouldn't pay as they'd grown accustomed to free content online. This has raised the pressure to make money on advertising, an area that has grown fierce with competition. Now, however, newspapers are looking back in time to rediscover a business model they thought lost forever.

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Attracting new readers with old news

Posted by Jette Kristensen Ziegler on 29/11/16 15:01

Old news and newspapers are true gold mines in terms of knowledge. Svenska Dagbladet recently launched their archive, which dates back to December 18th, 1884. The archive contains more than 1.5 million newspaper pages, digitized and ready for use.

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Visiolink at the World Publishing Expo 2015

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