Benchmark 2016: State of the ePaper

Posted by Thomas Wittenburg on 30/08/16 13:42

Digital platforms have many advantages over paper. One of the most distinct is the ability to measure and getting data back from the reader. Visiolink's Business Intelligence department Visiolab, have measured key parameters in the European ePaper readers' habits for the third year in a row.

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What to expect from Android Nougat

Posted by Frederic Günzel on 25/08/16 14:30

Last week, Canadian telecom Telus revealed that the release of the next version of Google's Android, version 7.0 also known as Nougat, was imminent. And sure enough, it was released Monday.

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Gain readers by changing publication time

Posted by Thomas Wittenburg on 17/08/16 16:00

Does publication time influence how many people read your content? On the web the answer, unsurprisingly, is yes. It is even extremely easy to measure the impact. But does release time affect the impact of ePapers?

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With the back to the paywall

Posted by Thomas Wittenburg on 10/08/16 13:04

Digital media is still struggling with revenue despite an increase in the number of paying readers. For the old media companies, the big money is still in print. But how do you make money on the digital media platform that readers are using?

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Google ready to kill Flash. HTML5 Desktop Viewer is born.

Posted by Thomas Wittenburg on 29/07/16 15:12

In recent years Flash has been heavily criticized as an insecure technology. Flash-based sites have been hit by numerous attacks, and vulnerabilities have not always been fixed at the same pace they showed up. Rumors have been buzzing for years and now it seems we’ve finally reached the point of no return. Google is cutting Flash support from its Chrome browser. This is important news if you distribute embedded digital content, such as video or ePaper.

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App Store and content taxation

Posted by Thomas Wittenburg on 25/07/16 15:52

30%. The price to sell your items on the App Store. Whether it's an app or products you sell through the app. This is neither new nor surprising. And it comes as no surprise that Apple enforce strict regulations and tries to prevent developers and content providers from circumventing them. Still, it caused quite a stir earlier this summer when Apple refused to approve a new version of the Spotify app. Does Spotify have a case and how does it affect other paid content as news platforms?

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Is it really the end of the app boom?

Posted by Thomas Wittenburg on 24/06/16 15:00

A few weeks ago I read this story on the dramatic decline in downloads from App Store and Google Play. Tough reading for a guy who's recently taken a seat in a company that primarily delivers apps to news media around the globe. And even more so for the customers who buy our products.

It's mind boggling, bordering on frustrating. What does this mean for us as software developers and suppliers? For our clients? I took a dive into numbers and trends.

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Turn your newspaper archive into a digital goldmine

Posted by Jens Funder Berg on 09/06/16 15:26

Hidden treasures in the archive

Most newspapers date back tens, if not hundreds, of years. Extensive archives date back to first editions, the last words of a loved editor, some of mankind's darkest days and brightest moments. A lot of this history is hidden in dark basement archives, where it only comes out on request by historians or other research scientists.

Basically the archives have no value until someone reaches in to them, views the microfilms or gently turns the century-old pages in their hunt for source material. But what if newspaper archives were instantly accessible and searchable? What if anyone could tap into the riches of history and discover stories and events as seen by those who actually witnessed them?
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How a User Survey provides better Customer Insight

Posted by Camilla Madsen on 11/03/16 10:49

User surveys tracks behavior and preference tendencies among newspaper readers, and that can result in an improved digital profile, a more determined sale of advertising and a better understanding of the customer’s demand.

Do readers prefer the ePaper or the printed newspaper? How important is the ePaper layout? How often do the readers read the newspaper? How much time do the readers use to read the paper? Which content areas are the readers generally interested in reading about? 

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How quickly do readers adopt the latest version of an ePaper app?

Posted by Kristoffer Andreasen on 09/02/16 10:28

Older versions of software and backwards compatibility will always play an important role in software development. No matter how much you push users to upgrade their applications, some readers will be late to adopt the new version. The same is true for Visiolink applications. There are a number of possible explanations for this behavior; however, for now we will focus on when readers adopt the app versions. We will try to provide an overview of the different versions and their user base. 

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Optimizing user engagement – just give a little push!

Posted by Mads Mikkelsen on 15/01/16 13:51

It is almost seven years since Apple first introduced the push notification to the market with its Apple Push Notification Service (APNs). Since then, the communicative possibilities associated with this feature has continued to evolve.

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Best holiday wishes from Visiolink

Posted by Ninna Lauridsen on 23/12/15 23:13

Thank you

2015 is coming to an end. And what a year. We have traveled the world to meet both new and existing customers to hear about your businesses and goals for the future. Our talks have been interesting, challenging and fun. We look forward to talking even more with you in 2016.

Thank you for your cooperation, exciting talks and challenging questions during 2015 - we wish you all the best for the coming holiday season and a happy New Year.

best holiday wishes from visiolink

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