The smartphone challenge: New format makes ePaper attractive on phones

Posted by Mathias Winther Klausen on 11/01/17 14:37

Last fall, we announced the prototype of a new phone optimized ePaper solution, called Mobile Edition. The basic concept is to extract articles from the newspaper and present them easily accessible on the front screen of the app. In a few seconds the readers should be able to get a comprehensive overview of today’s paper, and identify interesting stories.

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Year in review - The Visiolink blog 2016

Posted by Thomas Wittenburg on 05/01/17 14:13

The turn of a year is the obvious time for reflecting on the year that passed. We certainly had some great times in 2016. We went around Europe, trying to unlock the secrets of readers across the continent. An effort that morphed into two benchmark reports.

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Optimizing Sharpness in all browsers

Posted by Flemming Ravn on 15/12/16 17:33

Delivering an ePaper might seem easy. Upload PDF, serve PDF to readers, done. While that might essentially be true, delivering a high-end reading experience isn’t as simple. We’re constantly battling a classic dilemma: Speed vs. quality.

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Digital journalism goes premium

Posted by Thomas Wittenburg on 08/12/16 15:54

For years it seemed almost impossible for newspapers to make a living on their actual product, news and journalism, on their digital platforms. Readers simply wouldn't pay as they'd grown accustomed to free content online. This has raised the pressure to make money on advertising, an area that has grown fierce with competition. Now, however, newspapers are looking back in time to rediscover a business model they thought lost forever.

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Attracting new readers with old news

Posted by Jette Kristensen Ziegler on 29/11/16 15:01

Old news and newspapers are true gold mines in terms of knowledge. Svenska Dagbladet recently launched their archive, which dates back to December 18th, 1884. The archive contains more than 1.5 million newspaper pages, digitized and ready for use.

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Future of the ePaper - interview with Per Gylling

Posted by Thomas Wittenburg on 09/11/16 15:57

In relation to World Publishing Expo, Visiolink asks a number of media people about their views on newspapers' digital future.

We talked to Per Gylling, digital development manager at Jysk Fynske Medier and coordinator of the company’s ePaper-platform Nyhedskiosken (The News Stand). We had a chat about the ePaper’s future as an important part of the concern’s strategy.

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Measuring the effect of print free days

Posted by Thomas Wittenburg on 02/11/16 14:59

Digital transformation does not happen automatically. Visiolink aims to enlighten news media on how to increase ePaper penetration, and develop their digital presence. So how do you attain readers to the ePaper platform, and just as importantly how do you retain them?

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VCAB: Exploring the future of digital publishing

Posted by Thomas Wittenburg on 26/10/16 16:18

A new advisory board enforces Visiolink’s customer focus. By adding different media industry perspectives, VCAB (Visiolink Customer Advisory Board) assists in plotting a course for our products and services.

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Finding the Future at WPE16

Posted by Thomas Wittenburg on 23/10/16 13:05

We've been digesting the events at World Publishing Expo 2016 in Vienna for a little more than a week now. WPE16 was attended by far fewer than ever before, but that didn't stop the future from knocking on the virtual doors of the Expo. We took a tour through the venue, trying to find out what's next for the media.

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Old  Formats on new platforms at wpe16

Posted by Thomas Wittenburg on 18/10/16 14:04

Last week we attended World Publishing Expo 2016 in Vienna and digital transition was everywhere. Obviously going digital is no-brainer for modern media companies. The Internet ensures a reach far beyond what anyone could have imagined two decades ago. However, there's a massive discrepancy between reach and revenue. Set against a backdrop of vintage style cartoons depicting products and services, and beside a 1968 VW Karmann Ghia, Visiolink founder and CEO, Jens Funder Berg, took time to share his knowledge on how to make a living off of digital media products.

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Digital Transformation – the future of on-screen print news

Posted by Thomas Wittenburg on 06/10/16 12:00

In relation to World Publishing Expo Visiolink asks a number of media people about their views on newspapers' digital future.

As digital director of JP/Politikens Hus, Søren Svendsen has clear positions on the transformation his industry is undergoing. But new digital ventures do not spell goodbye to almost 150 years of accumulated print history.

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Valuable ePaper insights for you

Posted by Frederic Günzel on 28/09/16 12:32

Do you know that more than 60% of European ePaper readers say that access to a digital archive is an important ePaper feature?

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Visiolink at the World Publishing Expo 2015

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