White paper: 7 ePaper metrics you need to track

Posted by Daniel Rostamzadeh on 31/01/17 10:16


To many publishers the ePaper is a niche. Some don’t even bother tracking usage statistics. That’s a shame, though. The ePaper platform is superior to print in many ways, even if it is still just a replica edition. The key to success and profitability lies in measuring key metrics – and acting on that data.

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How a User Survey provides better Customer Insight

Posted by Camilla Madsen on 11/03/16 10:49

User surveys tracks behavior and preference tendencies among newspaper readers, and that can result in an improved digital profile, a more determined sale of advertising and a better understanding of the customer’s demand.

Do readers prefer the ePaper or the printed newspaper? How important is the ePaper layout? How often do the readers read the newspaper? How much time do the readers use to read the paper? Which content areas are the readers generally interested in reading about? 

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How quickly do readers adopt the latest version of an ePaper app?

Posted by Kristoffer Andreasen on 09/02/16 10:28

Older versions of software and backwards compatibility will always play an important role in software development. No matter how much you push users to upgrade their applications, some readers will be late to adopt the new version. The same is true for Visiolink applications. There are a number of possible explanations for this behavior; however, for now we will focus on when readers adopt the app versions. We will try to provide an overview of the different versions and their user base. 

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Optimizing user engagement – just give a little push!

Posted by Mads Mikkelsen on 15/01/16 13:51

It is almost seven years since Apple first introduced the push notification to the market with its Apple Push Notification Service (APNs). Since then, the communicative possibilities associated with this feature has continued to evolve.

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NEW 2015 Q4 Benchmark Report on ePaper reader behavior tendencies

Posted by Ninna Lauridsen on 21/12/15 13:37

Insights by Visiolab

Based on a growing demand from media companies we have formed Visiolab as a Business Intelligence and Consulting unit to support business decisions, so that you “act on data”. By focusing on data analysis and digital strategy, Visiolab specializes in knowledge based decision making and the optimization of Audience Growth and New Ad Revenues in ePapers.

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Are newspaper reading habits changing?

Posted by Ninna Lauridsen on 30/06/15 15:14

The answer to the question: "Are newspaper reading habits changing?", is yes. The nature of the modern publication has changed dramatically over a span of very few years. This change has not only been limited to the publication. 

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Visiolink at the World Publishing Expo 2015

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