White paper: 7 ePaper metrics you need to track

By Daniel Rostamzadeh | Jan 31 2017 | Business | Insights

To many publishers the ePaper is a niche. Some don’t even bother tracking usage statistics. That’s a shame, though. The ePaper platform is superior to print in many ways, even if it is still just a replica edition. The key to success and profitability lies in measuring key metrics – and acting on that data.

The digital platform lets you track anything, and while Big Data is on the scope of many newspapers it’s actually smaller, meticulously crafted data sets that make a change to a lot of newspaper publishers.

7 metrics to optimize your ePaper's performance 

We’ve identified 7 ePaper metrics you need to track in order to get the full picture of your digital edition’s performance. And we’ve created ways to easily monitor these metrics down to an hour-by-hour overview.

The 7 metrics are:

  • Downloads
  • Publication openings
  • Page views
  • Article view activity
  • Search activity
  • Interstitial activity
  • Click-able ads activity

While the number of downloads, very simplified, could translate into print circulation, the other six metrics are truly unique to the digital format. The ability to measure the effect of a single article, or the performance of an ad can quickly become a tool for improving the overall impact of the newspaper. And at the end of the day, it’s about growing readership and optimizing performance.

Download the white paper to learn more

We’ve described the seven main KPIs thoroughly in a white paper. Download it now, and get tracking today!

White paper - How to measure ePaper performance

Daniel Rostamzadeh


Daniel Rostamzadeh

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