We asked, You answered, we listened!

By Jeppe Melchior Mikkelsen | Nov 19 2018 | Product News | Business | Insights | Blogs

We recently asked you which of our pending roadmap initiatives you found most relevant and we are excited to be sharing the results with you now. 

We deeply value our customers' opinion and for the very same reason it made perfect sense to involve all of you in our product development process. Many of you took the opportunity to cast your vote and here are the results:

poll result

It's not exactly a poll that was decided by a landslide, but three out of every fourth of you pointed at either Audio Initiative or Next Gen Mobile Edition which corresponds well with the feedback we got from our recent Inspirational Tours in Copenhagen and Hamburg.

We shared the results with our Customer Advisory Board a few weeks ago, when we were gathered at Svenska Dagbladet's premises in Stockholm, and the members of the board completely agreed that this is two highly relevant initiatives. 


We cherish your contribution and we are happy to confirm that both initiatives will have high priority in next year's product development. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter for all the latest about new products and features.

But as a matter of fact, we've been able to expedite the process around another of our roadmap initiatives. We are now able to offer interactive crosswords on all Visiolink solutions irrespective of platform. We will soon be telling you much more about this.

If you're as excited as we are about this new feature and can't wait to hear more about it then feel free to get in touch with your Visiolink contact

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Jeppe Melchior Mikkelsen


Jeppe Melchior Mikkelsen