Volksstimme on new iOS-app: Readers are in for a treat!

By Jeppe Melchior Mikkelsen | Dec 15 2017 | Product News | Insights | Cases

The new iOS-app from Volksstimme is now live. We've talked to the German newspaper's Digital Product Manager, Christian Maleike, about the app and what their readers can expect from it.

"We are very happy that the new version of our iOS app has now gone live. We’ve received a lot of feedback from readers about our app in the past few months, and we used this to further improve this strategically important product,” explains Christian Maleike, Product Manager at Volksstimme Digital.

The News Modules solution, which the Volkstimme app is based on, is specifically designed to create more space for content distribution. This was particularly important for the German newspaper when they decided to upgrade their iOS-app.

“The great strength of News Modules is usability. The new version of the app gives the reader a much better and faster overview of the current topics and new content. The new design is based on the design of our Android-app, which we have already updated in recent months. The iOS-app is finally catching up and offers the same features and a very friendly design,” he explains.

The release of the new Volksstimme app rounds off an eventful week at Visiolink with SH:Z having also launched their new iOS-app. 

Increased focus on inserts and supplements
Volkstimme received a lot of praise from their readers because of the Android-app, and Christian Maleike is sure that the readers using iOS-devices are in for a treat following the release of their upgraded iOS-app.

“The readers can look forward to many new features. First of all, the iOS-app gets a fundamentally new design. In addition, there’s an optimised presentation of the editorial inserts both in the iOS and Android-app.” 

“The supplements and special publications are now no longer directly attached to the Newspaper, but can be downloaded separately. This was a frequently expressed wish of our readers, and it will significantly reduce the file size,” he elaborates. 

Among other things, the Volksstimme app now also feature their YouTube-channel, giving the readers instant access to Volksstimme’s video content.

The new app is GDPR compliant
Something the readers may not be aware of is that the new Volksstimme app also has all the additions needed to be compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Christian Maleike states that it was very important that the new app was adapted to the requirements of GDPR. In short, this means that the readers are now able to opt out from data tracking. Click here if you want to know more about GDPR and how to become GDPR compliant.

Download the app
If you want to see the new Volksstimme app for yourself then you can download it by following the links below.

Jeppe Melchior Mikkelsen


Jeppe Melchior Mikkelsen