Visiolink is changing email domain

By Ann-Katrine Fredenslund | Nov 15 2021 | Business | Blogs | We Are Visiolink | Vitec

During the coming months you will experience that the email addresses from your Visiolink contacts will change from to

This means that in future you will receive emails from instead of from

Visiolink became part of Vitec Software Group in 2020, and as part of the integration with Vitec Software Group, the Visiolink email domain will change.


All emails will be forwarded

However, even though email addresses will change there is no need to worry: No emails will be lost during the transition and all operations will continue just as normal.

Emails sent to the Visiolink domain will all be forwarded to the new domain and land safely in your Visiolink contact person’s new Vitec inbox.

Migrating the Visiolink email domain is one of the first visible steps in our integration with Vitec Software Group.

Visiolink customers and collaborators can rest assured that further initiatives will be thoroughly communicated and that daily relations and operations with us will not be affected.


Questions or concerns? 

If you have any questions, concerns or issues regarding this, please do not hesitate to reach out to - or even better:  use the new email address


Ann-Katrine Fredenslund


Ann-Katrine Fredenslund