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Volksstimme on new iOS-app: Readers are in for a treat!

Dec 15 2017 | Product News | Insights | Cases

The new iOS-app from Volksstimme is now live. We've talked to the German newspaper's Digital Product Manager, Christian Maleike, about the app and what their readers can expect from it.

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Experience the new SH:Z app in action

Dec 14 2017 | Product News | Cases | Media

The new iOS app from Schleswig-Holsteinischer Zeitungsverlag, commonly known as SH:Z, is now live and available for download. Get a sneak peek of the app in our video tour and hear what the people from SH:Z has to say about their new app.


Get insights into SvD's award-winning business strategy

Oct 02 2017 | Events | Insights | Cases

In the period from 2010-2012, Svenska Dagbladet saw a steady decline in their print circulation. A tendency that wasn't about to change, and therefore called for action. That's when they launched their award-winning multi-channel strategy to obtain more digital subscribers.


Make a profit on interstitials the hassle-free sh:z way

Jul 31 2017 | Business | Insights | Cases

Schleswig-Holsteinischer Zeitungsverlag, commonly known as sh:z, is a fond user of interstitials. They’ve been working with the full page ad format ever since they launched their ePaper solution almost six years ago. Today interstitials account for a substantial part of sh:z’s revenues.

Digital journalism goes premium

Dec 08 2016 | Business | Insights | Cases

For years it seemed almost impossible for newspapers to make a living on their actual product, news and journalism, on their digital platforms. Readers simply wouldn't pay as they'd grown accustomed to free content online. This has raised the pressure to make money on advertising, an area that has grown fierce with competition. Now, however, newspapers are looking back in time to rediscover a business model they thought lost forever.

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Attracting new readers with old news

Nov 29 2016 | Digital Archive | Insights | Cases

Old news and newspapers are true gold mines in terms of knowledge. Svenska Dagbladet recently launched their archive, which dates back to December 18th, 1884. The archive contains more than 1.5 million newspaper pages, digitized and ready for use.

Future of the ePaper - interview with Per Gylling

Nov 09 2016 | Business | Insights | Cases

In relation to World Publishing Expo, Visiolink asks a number of media people about their views on newspapers' digital future.

10th of November 2014: a day where a digital archive really makes sense

Nov 10 2014 | Cases

Some days are iconic and important for what happened in the past. Today is a good example with the events happening in Germany 25 years ago.

Here are just a few samples of HISTORIC newspaper content easy available in digital format.


Hitek conference: Why Ingeniøren's cultural legacy should be online

Oct 07 2014 | Cases
This guest contribution was written by journalist Tine Heinricy and was originally published on 2 October 2014 on

Denmark's Society for Historic Technology (Hitek) kicks off the discussion of why it is important to make 200,000 pages of engineering history available online.

Same digital newspaper strategy in 3 countries? That's a trend!

Jun 17 2014 | Cases

We have mentioned this possibility before, but it is now clear that there is a trend around distributing digital only editions on holidays.

This is days where the paper typically has not before distributed a printed newspaper.

During this years Pentecost, we have seen examples of digital holiday editions from media houses in both Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Finnmarksposten engages wandering readers

Apr 15 2014 | Cases


With a digital subscription, readers from across the world can now follow the latest news from Nordkapp Municipality, located in northern Norway. This is true reader engagement.

Even if the region's inhabitants continue to move away from their hometowns in pursuit of work or study opportunities, they still want access to news from back home. Such is the idea behind Finnmarkposten's recent offer to its subscribers, who can now read and engage in the newspapers on their tablets and smartphones.