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Extra! Extra! First speakers announced for Inspirational Tour 2017

Aug 17 2017 | Events | Business | Insights | Blogs

Visiolink Inspirational Tour 2017 is coming to a city near you - and we're excited to reveal the first speakers and parts of the programs for the conferences in Denmark and Sweden.

Increase ad revenue with new Related Content feature

Aug 11 2017 | Business | Technology | Blogs

By September 1 we'll launch a new feature called “Related Content”, which makes you able to push editorial supplements and ad inserts. It’s a great way to utilize your content and take advertising to new heights.

Interstitials: An overlooked source for maximizing revenue

Jul 13 2017 | Business | Insights | Blogs

With a digitized newspaper follows a new toolset for advertising, enabling new ways of engagement. One such tool, that ought to attract the attention of publishers ambitious on maximizing revenue, is the interstitials. Their potential is indisputable, but many publishers still haven’t embraced them. And that could prove to be a huge mistake. 

Visiolink Inspirational Tour 2017

Jun 12 2017 | Events | Insights | Blogs

Save the date for Denmark - Sweden - Finland* - Germany

Almost every single newspaper on the planet has an ePaper. Probably yours too. But is it a profitable part of your business? It certainly should be – and the Visiolink Inspirational Tour 2017 will show you how to maximize your ePaper revenues from readers and advertisers.

The winner of our customer satisfaction price

Sep 10 2014 | Blogs

During the last few months, we sent out our yearly customer satisfaction questionnaire to all our customers, and we value all the answers and feedback we have received.

Focused digital media offerings results in better total reach

May 20 2014 | Blogs

Last week saw one of the biggest media conferences in Norway - "Nordic Media Festival 2014".

One of the first topics on the agenda was how life is behind the paywall, with participants from Aftenposten, Hallingdølen, Asker og Bærum Budstikke and Bergens Tidende.