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The Visiolink ePaper user survey: Become empowered to make data-informed decisions

By Morten Melbye | Mar 02 2022 | Product News | Insights | Blogs

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Providing flexible publication platforms to help our customers generate new subscribers and revenue streams is a key success factor for Visiolink. But we are more than that, we are a business model, which is also why our Business Intelligence team is constantly working on new developments that can help you optimising your business offerings. The most recent development, is the Visiolink ePaper user survey – a great tool that empowers you to make data-informed decisions.

The continuous importance of user data insights in digital news publishing

By now, the usage of user data insights can hardly be described as a new phenomenon. Nevertheless, it is a great tool for you to get to know your readers even better. Following the numerous predictions about the future of digital news publishing, there is no denying that user data insights will keep increasing in importance during 2022.

Some are also pointing out that especially user data insights in combination with Artificial Intelligence (AI) will increase in importance and keep evolving. One of the areas that is receiving a lot of attention, is the combination of AI and user data insights to develop conversion prediction- and churn prediction models. According to WAN IFRA, 73% of surveyed media executives do not currently have any of these tools implemented but a total of 90% are planning to have them in place by 2024 the latest.


Behavioural user data insights should not stand alone

Yet another prevailing point of discussion about user data insights within the industry, is the need for news publishers to keep adjusting and developing their approach towards the usage of user data insights in their ongoing development of digital and editorial offerings.

Today, most news publishers have already put efforts to tracking and monitoring their users’ behaviour and interaction with their digital offerings into place. What gathering this kind of user data insights is especially good for, is understanding current users’ behaviour and interaction with your digital offerings. However, the kind of measurements you take to further improve and optimise your offerings and engage your users based on these kinds of insights alone, will always be a matter of retrospectively evaluating yesterday’s performance and, based on hypotheses testing and gut feelings, trying to improve tomorrow’s performance – something which Malte Jørstad, Francesco Zaffarano, Ariel Zirulnick and others have pointed out.

Thus, in order to form the very best foundation for making data-informed decisions about how to optimise and further develop your digital and editorial offerings, these kinds of behavioural insights should be combined with user data insights of a more preference and opinion-based nature.


The Visiolink ePaper user survey feeds you preference and opinion-based user data insights

One of the ways to acquire these kinds of insights is of course by meeting up with your users and communities face-to-face and start a dialogue about their needs and preferences along with their opinion about your current offerings – like Will Media did.

However, this is of course also both time and resource consuming. So, what do you do, if you do not have the necessary resources to carry out these kinds of in-person-interviews on an ongoing basis?

At Visiolink, we have recently launched the Visiolink ePaper user survey. A survey that will be implemented directly in your ePaper and which will give you invaluable insights into your users’ ePaper preferences and thereby make you better equipped to cater for their needs and ensure their ongoing engagement with your ePaper content.

Unlike conducting 1:1 or group interviews, implementing and gathering insights from the Visiolink ePaper user survey requires little effort from your side. Our Business Intelligence team handles the implementation process and delivers a final response report, which summarises your survey findings.

Acquiring user data insights by means of the Visiolink ePaper user survey, allows you to answer some of the whys behind any behavioural insights you have already uncovered through user-tracking and Engagement Studio. It will give you a better foundation for making data-informed decision about how to further improve your ePaper offerings and engage your ePaper users.

Want to know more? Learn more about the Visiolink ePaper user survey on our website right here, or feel free to reach out to either your Key Account Manager or the Business Intelligence team directly.

Morten Melbye


Morten Melbye