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News Modules: Increase user engagement and enjoy the benefits of two aligned platforms

By Mathias Winther Kolind | Jul 21 2021 | Product News | Business | Blogs

At Visiolink, our mission is to make it possible for our customers to deliver world class epaper solutions and concepts optimised for modern media usage and engagement. Constantly striving towards improving and developing smarter products and features, with the core purpose of enhancing user experience amongst epaper users across segments as our primary focus.

The development of new products and features is carried out in close corporation with key stakeholders as part of the continuous Visiolink product development plan.

One of these concepts are News Modules – a platform that organises all your epaper content in distinct and full width modules based on content type.

Based on a modular and adaptable design, the News Modules platform gives publishers a platform for promoting all epaper content in one app including supplements, main articles, historical archive, videos, podcast, advertisements, narrated articles, live news and so on – all neatly organized in distinct modules and sections.

Since the launch of Visiolink iOS News Modules in 2017, the concept has for certain proven its worth: For instance, we have seen an increase in how much time the readers spend engaging with content – boosting downloads on different selected titles  that were upgraded to iOS News Modules with 5% to 23%.

However, the Android platform has been lacking behind its iOS sister in terms of the same structure of content, the module based design and the look and feel.

One expression across platforms

We see that there’s a general trend towards aligning functionality and design across platforms – talking into the trend of two platforms, one expression. Therefore, it’s now time to bridge the gap between the two platforms and align content and functionality across both iOS and Android.

Building upon the known Visiolink quality, Android News Modules emphasizes one of our most important priorities – keeping the epaper users happy and enhancing user experience with the aim of increasing engagement and epaper usage. Happy users ensure greater loyalty towards your content, and the user experience is an essential part of creating frictionless content usage and engagement.

With the introduction of Android News Modules, the Visiolink Android solution will have the same structured backbone known from iOS News Modules, and content will be aligned across the iOS and Android platform.

Content based tabs enhancing user experience

Differentiating from the standard Android solution where content tabs are time based, each module in Android News Modules is dedicated to a specific content type – that for instance being featured articles, live news, videos or audio including Text-to-Speech; as known from the iOS News Modules version.

This organisation of content in full width and customisable modules gives the user a much better user experience and overview of all available content and makes the day-to-day usage of the app more user-friendly.

Also, with Android News Modules we have introduced the top and bottom menu to the Android concept, which provides epaper users with a simple and straight-forward navigation of various app functionalities. Your app can be customised to fit your brand in terms of both colouring, logos, and imagery, which you use across your various branding platforms and customer offerings.

Pointing out four key highlights of the new Android News Modules concept:

  • Your content is organised in easily accessible, full width modules creating a better overview of the different content you offer in your epaper – giving your content the attention it deserves and creating more value to your epaper users

  • You only have to brand one epaper app with the same aligned content and user experience across both iOS and Android

  • Booking of advertisements made simple – book the same ads across the two platforms

  • Customer support towards your subscribers is simpler, as both platforms will be aligned

Want to learn more about Android News Modules?

Then please reach out to either me or one of our Key Account Managers.

Also, feel free to take a look at our Android News Modules movie outlining key product highlights.

You can learn more about Visiolink News Modules right here.


Mathias Winther Kolind


Mathias Winther Kolind

Product Manager