NEW 2015 Q4 Benchmark Report on ePaper reader behavior tendencies

By Ninna Lauridsen | Dec 21 2015 | Insights

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Based on a growing demand from media companies we have formed Visiolab as a Business Intelligence and Consulting unit to support business decisions, so that you “act on data”. By focusing on data analysis and digital strategy, Visiolab specializes in knowledge based decision making and the optimization of Audience Growth and New Ad Revenues in ePapers.

About the 2015 Q4 Benchmark Report on ePaper reader behavior tendencies

The report summarizes the tendencies found in three individual user surveys conducted over the course of the year.

Through exploration of reader behavior and preferences, we interpret the tendencies that define the current state of the market for ePapers. Secondly, we try to characterize some of the differences that appear among ePaper audiences in order to explain some of the variation that apply to their comparative performance.

Key ePaper reader behavior tendencies 2015 Q4:

  1. There has been a significant increase in the degree to which ePaper readers rate the importance of the ePaper. From 2014 to autumn 2015 the rated importance increased from 24% to 40,4%

  2. On a scale from 1 to 5, where 5 is better, readers rate the importance of the ePaper as a news source with 4,1. The printed newspaper is rated 3,0

  3. The importance of content cannot be stressed enough.


Outline of topics covered in the 2015 Q4 Benchmark Report on ePaper behavior:

  • Current state of the ePaper
  • ePaper performance
  • Importance of the ePaper
  • Recognition of the printed newspaper
  • Understanding ePaper readers
  • Reading preferences
  • ePaper platform
  • Daily news consumption on tablets
  • The popularity of new sources

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Ninna Lauridsen


Ninna Lauridsen