Norway: Need for update as comScore Readership Index replaces TNS

By Daniel Rostamzadeh | Jan 09 2018 | Product News | Business | Technology | Blogs

Kantar TNS (formerly TNS Gallup), who's responsible of collecting the readership figures and digital traffic for the Norwegian media companies, are going to make some technological changes that may affect your Visiolink solution.

Back in early 2015, WPP, the owner of Kantar TNS, acquired a substantial part of comScore's shares and formed a partnership to strenghten their cross-media audience and campaign measurement capabilities. 

While most Norwegian customers haven't been affected by this so far, Kantar TNS have now decided to phase out their original Software Development Kit (SDK) for traffic measurement. This will instead be replaced with a new comScore Readership Index SDK.

So, if you're one of our Norwegian customers and have the current TNS SDK, it's  necessary that your solution is updated to ensure that all traffic data are forwarded to comScore in order to be included in the Norwegian readership index.

Why is it important that you get this update?
According to Mediebedriftenes Landsforening (MBL) the new comScore partnership will result in more accurate traffic measurement.

"The agreement that MBL has reached with Kantar TNS and comScore, on behalf of the Norwegian media companies, means that ePaper traffic from apps and browsers is based on users. This is important to ensure the most precise number of ePaper reads", explains Bente Håvimb, Market Analyst at Mediebedriftenes Landsforening.

With more accurate traffic figures, you'll also get a more solid foundation for selling advertisements etc. that are influenced by the volume of expressions. 

"The comScore figures will be used as a basis for calibration of readership figures in the study "Forbruker & Media" where ePaper reads have so far mainly been measured through telephone interviews," Bente Håvimb explains.

"In this way, users of the new media measurements will be looking at the same digital readership figures when using other reporting tools such as MMX and Gallup PC. We see that as a clear advantage," she states.

We've been in contact with Kantar TNS who says that the current SDK will be phased out as soon as possible and this could possibly result in app crashes if the SDK isn't replaced with the comScore Readership Index.

What should you do?
We advise you to contact your Key Account Manager as soon as possible to arrange the implementation of the comScore Readership Index SDK. This also applies to customers who don't have the current SDK, but want the new comScore SDK.

It's also necessary that you sign a Traffic Agreement Letter through comScores website. This is important as it serves as a validation that Visiolink has a legitimate business relationship with your company justifying the aggregation of the traffic.

Under your comScore profile, you can make a Traffic Agreement Request which we as your supplier will then sign. This is a mandatory demand from comScore.

Feel free to reach out to your Key Account Manager if you have any questions regarding this update. He will tell you more about the cost of the update and what you need to provide us with in order for us to set up the comScore Readership Index SDK.

Daniel Rostamzadeh


Daniel Rostamzadeh

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