Increase ad revenue with new Related Content feature

By Jeppe Melchior Mikkelsen | Aug 11 2017 | Business | Technology | Blogs

By September 1 we'll launch a new feature called “Related Content”, which makes you able to push editorial supplements and ad inserts. It’s a great way to utilize your content and take advertising to new heights.

The Related Content feature is a great advantage to the ePaper format as the service life of editorial supplements as well as ad inserts is extended. Due to print costs, supplements are typically only included in the print publication once. With Related Content, you’re able to run them in the ePaper over and over again for the period of your liking.

Great for advertising
With the Related Content feature, you''ll increase the exposure of the ad inserts. This is obviously music to the advertisers' ears, but it's also ideal for you as a publisher as you'll have a more lucrative product to sell.  

Carsten Bedsted Pedersen, COO Sales & Solutions at Visiolink, knows from our customers that related content is a coveted feature with great potential.

“As a publisher, you'll get far better prerequisites for selling ad inserts to advertisers with this new feature. Simply because they can reach a wider audience. At the same time, it’s easier for the advertisers to hit the relevant target audience as they can make the advertisements region specific,” he explains. 

By furthermore making the ad inserts clickable, the potential of this advertisement format is indisputable.

How does it work?
If a media company with 10 regional newspapers wants to attach an editorial supplement to three of their publications, they simply relate it to these specific publications. By adding a start date and an end date, the editorial supplement will be shown as related content in this specific period. The same goes for ad inserts.

The related content will be exposed at the end of the publication as well as in the Related Content module on the front page. Read more about the module based design of Visiolink solutions.

Want to know more?
The Related Content feature can be added to the Android app, iOS News Modules app and Web solution. 
If you don't have a Visiolink solution yet or have any questions about the Related Content feature, feel free to get in touch with your Visiolink contact or any of our Key Account Managers. They are happy to tell you all about the great advantages of this new feature.

Jeppe Melchior Mikkelsen


Jeppe Melchior Mikkelsen