How a User Survey provides better Customer Insight

By Camilla Madsen | Mar 11 2016 | Insights

User surveys tracks behavior and preference tendencies among newspaper readers, and that can result in an improved digital profile, a more determined sale of advertising and a better understanding of the customer’s demand.

Do readers prefer the ePaper or the printed newspaper? How important is the ePaper layout? How often do the readers read the newspaper? How much time do the readers use to read the paper? Which content areas are the readers generally interested in reading about? 

The Newspapers gains valuable answers and customer behavior insight that provides significance feedback for their future strategic decision-making and informed product decisions.

Visiolab has conducted three European user surveys since 2014. In 2015, the Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv completed their latest user survey with useful commercial results. 

“The survey gave us customer insight and understanding for our readers, which has been important for our digital development”, tells Frank Jansen, the editor of Dagens Næringsliv.


Reader Insight

Dagens Næringsliv implemented a user survey in the spring of 2015 to track behavior and preferences among their readers and gained important insights directly from their readers.

”The survey results are useful in the matter of understanding our e-readers, it describes which customer needs the paper cowers, and what the readers think of the newspaper usage. We compare the results with userdata, network traffic measurement and customer satisfaction surveys, and that gives us a better customer insight”, he replies.

Since the survey, Dagens Næringsliv looked at its digital strategy and has now made a number of changes, including to its digital subscriptions structure, so that digital access is now offered to all its subscribers

In Marts 2016 Visiolab will conduct the next European user survey. Our experience with a user survey and the following investigation is that a survey can enhance the ePaper by looking at the customer needs and a survey can give a more determined sale of advertising in the ePaper. 


Selection from previous Visiolab user surveys

Throughout 2014 and 2015, Visiolab conducted a number of European user surveys. One of the results indicates that there has been a significant increase in the degree, to which ePaper readers rate the importance of the ePaper. From 2014 to autumn 2015 the rated importance increased from 24 % to 40,4.

On a scale from 1 to 5, where 5 is best, readers rate the importance of the ePaper as a news source with 4,1. The printed newspaper is rated 3,0. 

Visiolab has created a list of standard questions, but the whole questionnaire is drawn up in collaboration with the individual publishing house, so that all questions are directed at its readers with focus on the insight which the newspapers wish to gain from the user survey. A data survey and benchmark report is then compiled from the results.

Camilla Madsen


Camilla Madsen