Does your e-paper app comply with GDPR?

By Ann-Katrine Fredenslund | Nov 16 2020 | Blogs | GDPR

Collecting usage data from your e-paper is an important tool that can give you a great deal of insight into your users’ online behaviour. But it requires that you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation; commonly known as GDPR – and in GDPR terms, this means that you must receive your users’ active consent.

1st of October 2019, a judgement from the European Court of Justice ruled that user consent is not valid if it is obtained through a prechecked checkbox or non-explicit accept – e.g. assuming user accept purely by the use of an app such as for instance an e-paper.
Active opt-in required
The basic principle behind the judgement is that the user must actively opt-in to tracking instead of having to opt-out to avoid being tracked.

The judgement has set precedent for collecting usage data and caused law enforcements across European countries changing their guidelines regarding user consent. You can find the full judgement here.

To support these requirements, Visiolink offers an out-of-the box GDPR setup. The set-up will result in the following changes to your e-paper solution on your apps - i.e. both iOS and Android:

All tracking must be inactive until the user actively gives his/her consent.
The user must have access to all information regarding the use of data before giving consent (through a link to your privacy policy).
The user must be able to withdraw his/her consent easily at any time.

You can find more information as well as visual examples of the changes in our Knowledgebase here.

We're ready to make the necessary implementations at your request.

The changes will require a re-submit of your e-paper apps. Please contact you Key Account Manager if you have any questions or requests.


Ann-Katrine Fredenslund


Ann-Katrine Fredenslund