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By Lars Ørhøj | Sep 03 2014 | Product News

More and more newspapers are producing digital-only editions for special occasions, especially during holiday seasons when not many editions are printed. 

However, we also now see content producers offering specialized content in a digital-only format, utilizing existing digital platforms to offer this content on desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

FDM Motor is a perfect example, pushing out a specialized digital-only magazine with a very extended auto review this August – something not normally possible within the space limitations of the printed magazine. The very fact that the publication is 23 pages makes it clear that the constraints of paper and print were not an issue in the production process.

The three reasons behind the specialized digital-only edition are

  1. “We have not been able to do a special issue on a narrow subject before since printing and distribution costs are too expensive. With the e-magazines, this is now possible.”
  2. “Of course it is not possible to embed a video in the printed magazine; we can and did in this e-magazine.”
  3. “Finally, we were all too often annoyed that we did not have the space to get all the way around a topic, show the beautiful images properly, and present all the data from our research. We have this opportunity in the e-magazine."

Bo Christian Koch, Editor of FDM Motor

FDM produces a monthly magazine both in print and via a Visiolink-based digital platform, offering the magazine to members of the automobile organization.

Lars Ørhøj


Lars Ørhøj

Lars is Visiolink's Chief Marketing Office and an avid a cappella singer in the world acclaimed Danish choir Vocal Line. He has been a part of the media world for over 30 years.