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Can we fix the mistrust between people and politicians?

By Thomas Wittenburg | Feb 24 2017 | Events | Business | Insights

Journalists all over the world are struggling to find their way in a world where "alternative facts" and "fake news" are being hurled around by politicians and citizens alike on the Internet. Is it possible to reinstate our faith in democracy with journalism?

On April 19th, we're co-hosting a debate at Internet Week Denmark, which will hopefully brings us closer to an answer. The debate actually arose from a subject we've dealt with previously on this blog: What happens when tech companies become gateways for journalism, without the journalistic ethics code.

The panel includes three heavy hitters from the Danish media industry:

  • Editor in chief Lea Korsgaard from the independent web-based news media Zetland
  • Jyllands-Posten's Editor in chief Jacob Nybroe
  • Chairman, The Danish Union of Journalists, Lars Werge

Unni From, Director, Centre for University Studies in Journalism at Aarhus University, will head the debate.

We invite all our friends and business partners to join us for this exiting event. It's free, and it takes place at the beautiful Aarhus City Hall.

For more info and sign-up to the debate, check the event site: http://internetweekdenmark.com/events/fake-news-lugenpresse-logn

Thomas Wittenburg


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