Benchmark Report 2017 (spring) - The ePaper keeps growing

By Thomas Wittenburg | May 29 2017 | Insights

Twice a year Visiolink publish a benchmark report based on several key metrics across a wide range of ePaper solutions. The results for the spring 2017 benchmarks are now in, and while there's not much groundbreaking news this time around, there's one big upside to the numbers; they're up!

415 titles across seven European countries have been measured against each other, and the tendency towards larger readership and bigger market shares is evident in almost all metrics. It comes as no surprise, that mobile continues to grow, fast, and tablet reading is stagnating.

What might be more interesting is that Android is on the rise in a big way. Actually, the Android ePaper market share is growing significantly in five out of seven contributing countries.

There are other interesting findings in the report, which you can download right here:

Download the 2017 spring Benchmark Report

Thomas Wittenburg


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