New iOS app released September 1

Jul 04 2017 | Product News | Business | Technology

3 great advantages in upcoming launch of iOS News Modules

We’ll be releasing the new iOS app – iOS News Modules – September 1, and it’s a total remake of the existing iOS app. iOS News Modules offers you several clear advantages when presenting your editorial content.


The smartphone challenge: New format makes ePaper attractive on phones

Jan 11 2017 | Product News | Technology

Last fall, we announced the prototype of a new phone optimized ePaper solution, called Mobile Edition. The basic concept is to extract articles from the newspaper and present them easily accessible on the front screen of the app. In a few seconds the readers should be able to get a comprehensive overview of today’s paper, and identify interesting stories.

The ipad pro: perfect for epapers

Dec 18 2015 | Insights

With its large, 12.9-inch retina display, Apple's new iPad Pro promises a great deal of overview and space for visual details. This should make the device ideal for displaying the likes of photos, websites and newspapers online. To find out if it delivers on its promise, we asked four iPad users from two different age groups to test out the latest addition to the tablet family.

Digital design philosophy: Glowing reviews for the Material Design app

Nov 17 2015 | Insights

Android News, part 2

Google recently presented Material Design, its new design and layout guidelines for Android. The Android platform has risen several levels with these new guidelines, and has provided designers and graphic designers with a unique opportunity to create a completely new experience for Android users.

New edge to e-paper with Android Material Design app

Sep 21 2015 | Product News

Android Product News, part 1

With its new design guidelines, termed Material Design, Google has significantly raised the bar for the Android platform and at the same time upped their game in the constant battle with Apple for user loyalty.

HTML5-based browser solution for Desktop

Jul 06 2015 | Product News | Insights

Unique reading experience for digital publishing on Desktop

Your readers deserve the best possible reading experience no matter where or how they choose to read newspaper content. And the newspaper content deserves as much focus as it can possibly get without having to compete with other elements on the screen.

New concept for interactive ads

Mar 16 2015 | Insights

In recent years, interactive, engaging, funny and effective ads have increasingly become the focal point of the dialogue we have with our clients. We've assisted in studies designed to demonstrate the effect of interactive ads, and we've participated in various digital advertising events. All signs indicate that interactive ads on smartphones and tablets are the media company's path to increased revenue flows and the advertisers' means of capturing consumers' attention.

Standard is King – Five New and Highly Useful Starting Pages

Feb 06 2015 | Insights

In January 2015, Visiolink introduced three new project categories: Standard, Customised and Co-Created. This blogpost will focus on the features launched in the Standard category, illustrating both the rich possibilities within this category and a highly useful enrichment of your starting page. If you have not already heard about these categories or the introduction of the concept Apps as a Service, you can read about them in this blogpost or watch this webinar to get a thorough walk-through of the reasons for the categorisation and the pros and cons of each category.  

A far better reading experience

Dec 29 2014 | Insights

Visiolink's new display format, DYNAMIC, has completed its first year of use and has now been launched in over 70 apps in Scandinavia. In addition, a new version was recently released for use with Android devices.

Share all the good stories

Nov 05 2014

My mother once sent me a copy of a clipping from the local paper in the post. It was a reader's letter that I had written protesting against the plans to close down my old handball club. It made me happy to get the clipping, and I called her right away to discuss and comment on the matter. Since then I have also shown it to my friends, most of whom approved the content with a 'thumbs-up'.

Android app gets a much-needed facelift

Sep 22 2014 | Product News

We announced in August that we would no longer be supporting versions of Android older than 4.0.3. We are convinced that the advantages of upgrading will engender as much enthusiasm with you as it does with us.

Information about Android Support

Aug 21 2014 | Product News

For a long time Android has been an important platform for a rising number of readers. At the same time, it is imperative to us that our Android-based products are stable and that we secure the future possibilities in our Android solutions.