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7 key takeaways from the VCAB-meeting in Berlin

By Mathias Winther Kolind | Nov 05 2019 | Business | Media | Blogs

Two weeks has passed since we parted with the Visiolink Customer Advisory Board (VCAB) in Berlin, and we have now had the chance to digest all the valuable inputs from the two inspirational days together.

The overall theme of the VCAB-meeting was to inspire each other with initiatives that hold potential to strengthen and/or broaden the line of products and services media companies offer their audiences with the purpose of creating sustainable business models. And in that relation, how Visiolink can support the media companies in achieving this goal. 

Meet the members of the Visiolink Customer Advisory Board here.

We have summarized all the interesting discussions into 7 key takeaways as presented below.

1: How can ePaper work as a true proxy to mapping printed paper readership?
Is it possible to confirm that engagement data (time spent per article in replica view and article view) achieved from the ePaper are directly transferable to how people read the printed paper? At NOZ they’ve just finished a project with Lesewert measuring reading behavior of readers in the printed paper. Visiolink will compare the Lesewert data to ePaper engagement data to observe differences and similarities with the goal of evaluating to what extend ePaper readership compares to print readership.

2: Audio and voice navigation set new standards for content consumption

Audio is not just podcasts or a simple feature but should be considered a naturally integrated part of every interface. This requires voice navigation for home assistants, so the reader can have (ePaper) content read aloud in different contexts, e.g. top three most important articles for the morning briefing, the long reads for the commute or top ten sports stories for the sports interested. Visiolink will integrate these ideas in their roadmap work.

3: What should bring the ePaper into next generation – and bring the loyal readers along?
This is a big and open question, but some boundaries seem to be set for an ePaper supplier:

  • Automation is key – enable media companies to concentrate on producing content, not on technical matters or distribution

  • Beware of the death of print, but not the death of ePaper readers. The average 26-minute daily ePaper engagement time is a clear indicator of extreme loyalty that must be transferred into new products and habits

4: Room for Digest Editions
Digest Editions like The Economist Espresso or Information Miniature with few high-quality stories per edition seem to be able to strike a relevant user need somewhere between the news app and the ePaper. Whether it should be a stand-alone native app, an integrated part of the ePaper or both is uncertain. Either way, the Digest Edition may fill a gap as a low-price entry-level product in working with the onboarding funnel.

5: Hands on examples of using voucher as onboarding channel
Distributing voucher codes either physically, by mail or text message can be an effective channel to onboard new readers. By tracking activation of the voucher codes, it is possible to target the onboarding effort very precisely toward readers most likely to buy a subscription.

6: The power of super local content
Especially for Amedia, super local content has proven profitable. Live streaming from lower league sports events and making local article content available in all of Norway are two ways Amedia are utilizing their presence in numerous local communities. People’s willingness to pay for content from not just their hometown, but also from other areas, seems to be present which opens the opportunity to create new subscription packages.

7: Testing, testing, testing!
NOZ spends a lot of time testing e.g. different methods for getting people to register online (all about conversion). The results of these tests are very interesting as the best performing methods could be globally implementable. Same type of tests could be interesting to perform in an ePaper context.

We will now take these valuable inputs with us into the preparation for 2020, and we look forward to announcing future initiatives that have originated from the meeting with the Customer Advisory Board. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay updated. And remember that you're always more than welcome to pitch in with new ideas and areas of improvement that we can bring to the table for our annual VCAB-meetings. 

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