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Posted by Mathias Winther Klausen on 12/05/15 09:14

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Previously on the blog, we announced a long list of graphic and layout improvements to DYNAMIC. Magdeburger Verlags- und Druckhaus, a German media company based in the city of Magdeburg, publishes 18 different local editions of its Volksstimme newspaper, and is the first to have implemented the new DYNAMIC in the company's iOS app Volksstimme digital.

Normen Günzroth, the company's online coordinator, had this to say about the product:

"DYNAMIC gives readers a smooth-running transition from the classic newspaper layout to the device-optimised display, without having to compromise on content, and it's easy for the reader to navigate between teasers and full articles."

We have compiled a series of screen shots from the Volksstimme digital app that show the new design on both iPad and iPhone. 




We have worked hard to come up with a design that makes use of graphic effects from the printed newspaper, so that the reader feels confident that the newspaper's content is the same regardless of whether it is read in the replica version, in print or in DYNAMIC.

As experts in digital replica products, it is not our task to deliver radically groundbreaking alternatives to the printed newspaper. Instead, our job is to innovate the product itself so that new readers are gradually enticed, while existing readers do not lose interest. We still believe that the newspaper, in its traditional form, is a strong product with healthy roots and proud traditions.

The DYNAMIC display format should therefore be seen as a reinterpretation of the newspaper's premises onto digital platforms, as well as a supplement to the replica edition ‒ developed with respect for the values that characterise the printed newspaper.



The market for digital solutions for and from the print media industry is immense, and DYNAMIC is an attempt at consolidating a hybrid format that combines the best from the printed newspaper and the digital platforms. We believe that DYNAMIC, with its ability to maintain the prioritisation of the newspaper's content and its clear connection to the newspaper's physical version, is a great attempt at creating a solid hybrid format on the content's terms.

As a medium, the history of the printed newspaper goes back 250 years, and the risk of disregarding the newspaper's social, institutional and historical significance is imminent if one simply makes a clean cut and entirely removes the content from the context of the paper. However, we also believe that the replica format faces challenges on smaller screen sizes, and that it does not support the current trend of smaller newspaper bites taken by users on the go or during small breaks throughout the day.

By providing quick access to an overview of the newspaper's articles, and to the articles themselves in a reader-friendly format, DYNAMIC has optimised the newspaper's content for 'snack news' situations. Meanwhile, of course, readers still have the option of enjoying longer articles.

Order a demo with your own digital content

If you are a client of Visiolink and would like to see your newspaper's content in DYNAMIC, you can purchase a demo app with your own newspaper feed displayed using DYNAMIC. If you opt to upgrade your app with DYNAMIC, we will naturally refund the full amount of the demo. 

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