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Posted by Martin Rubæk on 04/06/15 10:36

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Every night we process more than 1.000 digital publications automatically at Visiolink. For whatever reason, we sometimes receive corrupt data in the form of missing pages or file name errors. When that happens, the processing fails and the e-paper does not meet the deadline – a critical error that many media houses are spending large amounts on surveillance to avoid.


Publication Availability Watch

For newspapers and magazines, unavailable content can have very costly consequences, and is simply not an option. Therefore Visiolink has developed Publication Availability Watch as an add-on service, and has been offering around-the-clock protection against the problem since November 2014.

“With Publication Availability Watch we have centralised the surveillance of 112 individual titles so far, saving clients’ resources, and catching mistakes before they happen.” Says Agnethe Løkke Madsen, head of Customer Care at Visiolink. “Availability is as important to Visiolink as it is to our clients and we want to be able to make sure that every deadline is met.”

In March 2015 the surveillance team proactively caught 32 publications that had missing pages. They were able to contact the newspapers, which then corrected the mistakes, and together we ensured that every publication hit the digital shelves on time.

Jydske Vestkysten

Since they were spending a lot of resources on surveillance, Jydske Vestkysten, a local Danish newspaper with more than nine daily publications, 365 days a year, asked us for a service that could ensure timely digital publication.

It is vital that the newspaper is always available to our readers.” Says Per Gylling from Jysk Fynske Medier. “Since most people read their newspaper in the morning, it is simply not acceptable if the e-paper is late, or contains blank pages.”

Before Publication Availability Watch, it was often the e-paper readers that alerted the newspaper of mistakes in publications. However, that is no longer an issue since any mistakes are caught before the deadline, and the inconvenience never reaches the reader.

Since Visiolink started the service, we have been working in close collaboration with our clients to develop and ensure stability in our service, and today we have an average customer satisfaction rate of 98%.

Publication Availability Watch is part of 24/7 Premium, which also covers 24/7 Customer Care.

If this article has sparked your interest, please don’t hesitate to contact Agnethe Løkke Madsen at

*Jydske Vestkysten is published by Jysk Fynske Medier.

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