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Lars is Visiolink's Chief Marketing Office and an avid a cappella singer in the world acclaimed Danish choir Vocal Line. He has been a part of the media world for over 30 years.
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The growing importance of a digital release

Posted by Lars Ørhøj on 11/08/15 10:27


Newspapers are facing a bigger challenge than ever before. Circulation numbers all over the world are decreasing as the digital world continues to gain importance in the media industry. A growing number of actions has been taken in order to prevent the decrease in circulation numbers. 

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The 6 most popular blog posts of 2015 until now

Posted by Lars Ørhøj on 05/08/15 10:58

It is summertime. However, to be honest with you, the weather here in the northern parts of Europe is still a little shaky with showers and winds from time to time.

So, there is still time to stay inside and read. Moreover, why not read some of the most successful of our blog posts the last six months about the digital newspaper (e-paper) and it usage as a means of generating new readers and new revenue streams?

Here we go - the six most popular blog post of the first half of 2015:

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Meet us at Zeitung Digital 2015 - Arrange your meeting here!

Posted by Lars Ørhøj on 12/06/15 12:59

On 18 and 19 June 2015 in Potsdam, Germany, the Zeitung Digital conference will take place. Visiolink are again proud to sponsor this highly successful event.

After a very successful Visiolink Insights Day earlier this week, we look forward to meeting again with many media houses, particularly from the German-speaking areas of Europe. 

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Visual impressions from Visiolink Insights Day 2015

Posted by Lars Ørhøj on 10/06/15 13:47


60 participants, 27 media houses and 10 countries represented. We will in the coming weeks tell you much more about the content of this event. But let us start with a visual of the day.

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Inspirational E-Paper Case from A Hotel in Norway

Posted by Lars Ørhøj on 27/05/15 11:43

This case is a description of a real-life experience of a very nice approach to including e-papers in a promotional campaign, connected to an everyday situation. It is a setting that happens at hotels all over the world when a hotel guest is checking out.

We centre ourselves in the capital of Norway; Oslo. I am standing at the check-out desk to finalise the payment, and this procedure ends with the common question from me: “Could you please order a taxi?”

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Acclaimed business professor at Visiolink Insights Day

Posted by Lars Ørhøj on 11/05/15 11:20

We are proud to reveal the name of our second keynote speaker at the Visiolink Insights Day 2015 on 8 June: Associate Professor Nils Randrup. This keynote speech will cover the current situation in the newspaper business and the challenges faced by media houses in Europe. Nils Randrup has vast experience in marketing, advertising and e-business, including in media companies.

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Augmented book reading via digital newspaper archives

Posted by Lars Ørhøj on 07/05/15 08:37

OK, I’ll admit it – I’m a gadget owner. In my arsenal of devices you’ll find:

  • a 2005 iPod – a trusted friend who carries all of my music and is soon to be on its 3rd battery;
  • an iPhone for – mostly – communication;
  • a Macbook Pro for work, e.g. writing blogs like this;
  • an iPad for reading newspapers (surprise!) and keeping my work day as digital as possible;
  • a Kindle Paperwhite for book reading; and
  • a Garmin GPS watch – supposedly for when I go running, but currently it’s just glaring impatiently at me, as I am having a break because of a few bent ribs (ouch!).

And all of these digital devices are a huge part of my daily life (okay, Garmin, not you just now, I get it!).

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One digital supplement for 62 local newspapers

Posted by Lars Ørhøj on 16/04/15 14:41

The e-paper is a great way to present newspapers on the different digital platforms, such as smartphones, tablets or PCs.

Moreover, the e-paper is also is a cost-effective and convenient platform that can extend the digital services of media houses. For example, a media house could utilise the platform to release tomorrow morning’s newspaper the night before or to send out evening editions, or alternatively, to readers with a later 2nd edition (e.g. during big sporting competitions).

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Meet us at Digital Media Europe 2015 in London

Posted by Lars Ørhøj on 15/04/15 13:46

The migration to a digital future is continuing, and at many media houses around Europe we are glad to play a role in the transformation.

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2 Quick Examples of Digital-Only Holiday Newspapers

Posted by Lars Ørhøj on 09/04/15 14:44

This Easter in Denmark gave us the most beautiful weather to enjoy with our family and friends. A holiday weekend is also an excellent time for a newspaper to connect with its readers.

A trend for many newspapers

It is important for newspapers to be available at all times to attract new customers. Previously, many Danish newspapers did not publish an edition on Easter Monday, but that is changing now. An emerging realisation is that if a media house does not publish a paper edition on a holiday, it can still benefit from producing a digital-only edition. 

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Who is the first keynote speaker at Visiolink Insights Day 2015?

Posted by Lars Ørhøj on 24/03/15 15:19

We are proud to be able to announce that the first keynote speaker on the Visiolink Insights Day 2015 on the 8/6–2015 is Dr. Mario R. Garcia.

At the conference he will focus on how to engage the readers on the different types of e-paper viewing platforms.

The conference is free for all Visiolink customers. Since the conference has limited spacing, we encourage you to sign up now!

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How To Gain New Revenue From Value-added Ads In E-papers

Posted by Lars Ørhøj on 20/03/15 14:57

For many newspapers and magazines, it can be a challenge to establish a thriving and growing revenue stream from e-papers.

You may even have already developed a loyal digital readership via the digital newspaper, but maybe these converts are mostly just your existing paper-readership and you have not yet attracted the new readers you had hoped for.

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